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A person or object that is considered uncool
Boy 1: "so who do you like?"
boy 2:" janet, the one with the hairy mole
boy 1:"you are such a reject
by Lil angel July 05, 2015
A person who is so addicted to pepsi that they experience the mental and phsyical symptoms of a person going through withdrawal from drugs or that of a person who if drank water would probably mealt due to contamination. These people often times experience seizures if gone with out having pepsi for more than 1 hour. More extreme cases have lead to sugar poisioning, ulcers and even death.
Oh my god!! If I don't get some god damn pepsi into me, I think I'm going to go into and pepileptic shock.
by Lil Angel April 27, 2006
A reverse emo is a person's who wears all white and is happy all the time
"Dude johnny is totally a reverse emo! "
by Lil angel May 11, 2016
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