2 definitions by Lil Andy

The end result in the morning after a toking session is to get the hash tray and make a tabber. A tabber is all the joints that you skoked ripped back open to get all the weed back out to make a new spliff...it may taste abit funkey but it'll get you ridding high again untill you can be arsed to more your ass back to your dealer.
first person: 'shall i re-use the baccy for this tabber?'
second person: 'you still fucked? here, have some of mine'
by Lil Andy November 09, 2006
After a night of pure Toking of resin or weed the ash tray will be filled with tab ends. what is left in the ash tray will smell so strongly of resin it will no longer be an ash tray but a hash tray. What is left over in the Hash tray can be broke down to make a Tabber spliff.
In the morning;
'OY Danny you twat...pass us the Hash tray 'n' i'll make a Tabber'
by Lil Andy November 07, 2006

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