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Paramus, NJ is the Mall Capital of The world. It is one of the most wealthy towns in North Jersey. Paramus is the town where the school systems are great, and there are many different types of people. Whatever street you choose to go down in Paramus there is certain to be at least 6 mansions/Estates estates are usually found at the end of a long private driveway in Paramus with a ton of private land to follow. If you want to live in Paramus your going to have to have plenty of money, otherwise Paramus may not be the best town for you. If you don't have the money to afford one house here don't even bother looking for any others. Because the cheapest house in Paramus is just about 2 million and thats the CHEAPEST ! Oh dear, so that is pretty much the over view of Paramus, It's gotta a lot of malls, great school systems and loads of cash. By the way, most people you see will be driving Mercedes, Audi's and BMW's so if you come here make sure to bring one of them !

Paramus NJ
Make sure you bring your platinum credit card and your limousine to Paramus otherwise you might not fit in too well. OH ! and you can't forget your Gucci bags ladies !
by Lil'misswealthy February 13, 2011

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