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1 definition by Lil' Joe

(1) A slang term for a Gypsy/Townie/Wanderer. Usually used in a derogatory way.
See; Gypsy and Bum

(2)A Rare and Reclusive Creature is Pikey.
This ½ Mexican, ½ Caucasian male's brain is nearly completely destroyed after years of heavy drinking, and drug abuse.
Also goes by the names of Mike, Michael, and That Guy.
Identifiable Traits;
-Talks from the side of his mouth
-Almost always wears completely or nearly completely black clothing
-wears a (black of course) fitted baseball cap
Hey, Look... It's That guy.
You mean Mike?
Nahh man, That's Pikey.
by Lil' Joe December 29, 2005