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a woman with a really nice ass

ORIGIN- a group of young men in a mall in Northern New Jersey who had created the defenition for "poop-butt" added "nice" to the front to emphasize the veluptiousness of the poop-butt

MFW Outerwear
"Look at that nice poop-butt over there!"- Sarach
by Lil' Jig January 25, 2011
-a woman with an abnormally large buttox (the woman is usually obese)

-ORIGIN- the origin of which is derived from Hispanic sections of Los Angeles in the 1990's. Its' most popularly heard in the song "La Raza" by Kid Frost. This song has created a peak in the use of this word in certain areas of Northern New Jersey since December of 2010.
That is a poop-butt right there.
by Lil' Jig January 07, 2011
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