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A Facebook Faggot is someone who spends all day on Facebook whining about everything, saying gay or dumbass coutes, or posting the stupidest shit. They will often say things that are copied from others to get likes or they will say things such as "Why does this always happen to me?" When they complain about things in their life its because they have no friends except for the ones on facebook. They are really annoying in real life because they only talk about
"Clint always puts gay quotes on facebook, he is a Facebook Faggot."
"Wow clint is such a facebook faggot he is always whinging."
by Lil' Biggums September 01, 2012
Herbity Berbity is a phrase used to annoy teachers in school and parents at home. It means nothing but you have to say it in a constipated voice and quickily. It is used to act like you have trets. Can also be changed into the form Herbity Berbin, Herbindy Berbity, Herbinmiester, Herbinator Berbinator, or other forms made up by any one. Can be combined to form complex herbity berbs or left singular for the casual herbity gooch. If you really want to get fancy adding gooch in there will cause the bitches to line up at your door.
Teacher: "After you simplify-"
Student: "Herbity Berbity!"

"Hey bro how was the herbinmeister berbity herbity berbin last night?"
"It was the casual herbity berb herbinator."
by Lil' Biggums September 02, 2012

A word sophisticated black people say to each other rather than nigga because it sounds smarter. Also can descibe a black guy acting like a white guy.
"Hello niggums, what's up?"
"Don't worry about Yung Jalen he is just being a niggum."
"The niggums that live across the street scare my children."
by Lil' Biggums September 01, 2012

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