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3 definitions by Lil' Alex

A polite way to share you're annoyance or anger over whatever has just happened. Often used by older, maybe relatively posh people.
man1 -
'oh damn and blast! I'm late for polo!'

man2 -
'Golly old fellow, you better be off, tally ho!'
by Lil' Alex January 13, 2009
21 7
Basically what homophobes call cardigans because they think that only gay people can wear them.
'omg why are you wearing a gaydigan...are you gay now?!'

Gaydigan wearer-
'I like it, and no!'
by Lil' Alex January 09, 2009
5 0
Means the same as effing (fucking), but has 'jeffing' on the end, for no other reason than it rhyming rather well.
'effing jeffing hell'

'effing jeffing watch yourself'

'what the eff jeff is that!?'
by Lil' Alex January 13, 2009
1 8