42 definitions by Lil Duff 2008

Stuff that you put on your eyes that make you a real dork or real hot looking.
Bob is a computer geeks because he is wearing glasses.
Lizzie looks really hot with these glasses.
E-40 just looks cool with his glasses.
by Lil Duff 2008 June 17, 2008
A person who knows how to get crunk in the club
Yeah this girl got the joints man, she is a fireball
by Lil Duff 2008 August 06, 2008
Little thin pieces of plastic that makes a geek or techie look hot.
*puts contacts in* I am not a dork anymore because I don't have these fucking glasses on me!!!
by Lil Duff 2008 June 17, 2008
Basically something that is hanging around your house that is obsolete. Everybody is on the internet, going to games, or playing video games.
TV back then: Stuff like the Simpsons that could be watched by the whole family.
TV now: CSI reruns, movies that are played, 1500 times, mindless reality shows, stupid documentaries, spongebob, wrestling, hannah montana, NASCAR, annoying shopping channels, and letting you nearly have your tits hang out.
by Lil Duff 2008 December 06, 2008
A wussed up top 40 station that doesn't play any rock except for the Jonas Brothers and makes kids believe that the Soulja Boy dance is kewl. You may also hear wussed up rock like Hawthorne Heights and Good Charlotte and any new sounding 12 year old sensation, like Hannah Montana or the Clique Girlz. Generally liked by the 8-15 year old age group, but most people that are straight over 14 hates this station.
OMG, check out the new single by the Jonas Brothers, only on Radio Disney.
by Lil Duff 2008 July 26, 2008
It's when a bunch of pretty attractive looking girls run around in not so hot uniforms and attack each other for a few hours. The ones on the bench flirt at the boys and try to act ghetto.
I watched Lena play girls basketball last night. Meow!!!
by Lil Duff 2008 December 06, 2008
Language that is said all the time in the barn... usually involves the words shit, ass, godddamn it, and son of a bitch.
Example of barn language:
Bob: There is a whole lot of cow shit lately.
Bill: Yup!!
Bob: God Damn it... my cow had started a fire. Might as well put er out. Shit!!!
by Lil Duff 2008 August 15, 2008

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