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A Knapp is named after Erik Knapp, the king of Knapps. Knapps are those assholes you see at Warped Tour with stretched ears, knee-cut-off skinny jeans, a crappy band t (like A Day to Remember or Vanna) and sometimes a flannel shirt. Knapps usually have a bad skater kid hair cut or some ugly fo-hawk. Their shoes are either worn-out converse or some skater shoes. Half the time they arent even skaters, or they used to be, or they still are and they never grew out of it like Tony Hawk. They usually end up looking like grown up skaters. They like to go to concerts to either mosh the shit out of themselves and end up looking like retards trying to two-step. Or they just stand at the back of the crowd because they're too big of pussies to make it to the front; they act like they are too cool for the band so they just stand there. They have a tendency to make fun of kids who like BMTH when the truth is, they used to love that band until everyone else started hating them. Often, they have VERY serious bromances with other knapps. They are either really hardcore sxe or they claim sxe and are not orrrr they just smoke a ton of pot alllllll day. Also, they will always act like they are cooler than you, but truth is, they are not.

There are also "lumberjack" or "hobo" knapps who are just knapps who have beards or really need to shave and always look like they haven't showered in days. They may also wear more flannel than usual.
Usual knapp conversation:

Erik: Yeah I went to this ADTR concert and i punched some kid in the face so hard, it was awesome.

Jim: lol cool bro, check out these wood plugs i got for my 2" hardcore stretched lobes.

Erik: Noice, let's go smoke some pot in the woods, blah blah, this hick town blows, blah blah.
by Lightning Thunderstein August 07, 2011

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