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A jada is a very gorgeous girl who makes you instantly like her. Her smile and bouncy curls make guys be having boners. Very big ass and big tits, thick thighs, athletic and fast runner, loves to listen to music, can very rude but in a suttle way and a very tight pretty pussy , trying to keep her virginity for long but may give it up before marriage, wanted by all the guys and can even charm you with her personality and words. Not a player but as for being so wanted, she has had many ex's 5+. Bait faced girl and easy to spot from afar as her fashion and swag is sexy and shows off all her curves in the right ways, can be very shy and insecure but has one bf whom is her ex and bf on and off and is her friend with benefit which she shares everything with, very smart and intelligent but dreams of typical: arwww baby no I love you more, you hang up first! White couple talk and can be easily in satisfied in her relationships leading to dumps!very funny and her personality is sweet, caring, flirty and a bit of a liar at times, loves to have fun and very apologetic, indecisive and loved by many peng boys, mostly suits lighties and brownies, black boys, and surprisingly blonde white boy.
Jada sexy
by Lightie like stickz June 29, 2013

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