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925 definitions by Light Joker

1.The buttocks, the hindquarters, the posterior

2. the remaining end of a smoked cigarette

3. very, extremely
Don't make him mad or he will kick your butt.
by Light Joker August 19, 2004
I have not seen you for a long time
Hey Jeff, long time no see.
by Light Joker November 11, 2005
1. prestigious

2. high quality

3. elegant or stylish
Who needs those classy restaurants when you can get a good meal at Boston Market?
by Light Joker November 17, 2005
to go on a wild drinking bout
What ever you do, don't paint the town red on a holiday.
by Light Joker December 05, 2006
a person who stays to themself
Gollum became a lone wolf when the other hobbits kicked him out of his village.
by Light Joker April 09, 2005
any potent liquor(e.g. whiskey)
I wish he would not drink booze at times like this.
by Light Joker November 01, 2004
a person who loves parties
That kid is such a party animal. He takes every opportunity he gets to go to a party.
by Light Joker March 08, 2005