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925 definitions by Light Joker

Dutch(rarely used in the UK anymore but still common in the U.S. from the German word for German)
Dutch Wonderland got it's name because it is located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
by Light Joker September 30, 2004
15 92
A man who hangs around drugstores, mainly to impress woman.
Drugstore cowboys are not really cowboys at all. They are womanizers.
by Light Joker July 04, 2004
23 101
a symbol made from punctuation marks, used to denote emotion
Why do you need to use emoticons? Don't you know that we can tell you a thinking by what you write?
by Light Joker January 15, 2006
85 178
a gun, a revolver(possibly named after a particular gun manufacturer)
Watch out, he has a glock.
by Light Joker March 11, 2005
1 98
dirty, messy (students, see also nappy head)
Will you please get that nappy hair cut.
by Light Joker January 26, 2005
30 130
a building where you learn to do things that are neccesarry to function succesfully in the world. many people take their theier rights to be educated for granted and do not end up learning before until it is to late. There a also who get so worn out from school that they lose thier rational composure. Many people think that they can stay focused on the unimportant events in school. Too many people are pessimistic about education. Sometimes the principal of the a certain school does thing that make students feel like they are hopeless, like not kicking students out of the bathroom when they are not finished going just because they think the students are going to cause trouble all the time, or they have the idea that being tough and getting innocent students in trouble without a saying what they are being accused of doing is neccesary to dicipline them, not to mention asking for dress code that is almost not fully possible for students to follow. (Why are they being so stubborn as not to just switch to a uniform policy?) This behavior actuallly makes them fell less worse about school. Another problem with education is the government of Delaware(which is the state I live in by the way)requiring students to take time to complete state tests, just to get into college.
School is tough but it will get you through life, you can count on that.
by Light Joker April 12, 2004
30 146
frozen yogurt (from a contracton of frozen yogurt)
Im tired of froyo. Don't you have any other frozen sweets?
by Light Joker February 09, 2006
36 156