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925 definitions by Light Joker

1. a clumsy error

2. an erection
I hate it when I get a boner in public.
by Light Joker March 28, 2006
a low, repellent person
That lowlife really pisses me off.
by Light Joker February 28, 2005
a woman's breasts(see also tits, hooters)
I could not believe that her jugs were already huge when she was 10.
by Light Joker November 29, 2004
(variants: crap, squat, poop, or shit may replace dump)

to defecate
Come on, find a rest stop already. I have to take a dump.
by Light Joker April 04, 2005
An alcohol induced condition of the eyes in which members of the opposite gender appear very attractive.
The guy has beer goggles again. He is staring at that ugly looking girl's tits.
by Light Joker January 29, 2005
government procedures, forms, etc
I'm sick of all this red tape.
by Light Joker April 16, 2007
to do something by feel and instinct rather than with a plan, to improvise
I think I will play it by ear since I have so much time.
by Light Joker June 02, 2007