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different way of saying "Stuttgart", large capital city of the Bundesland known as Baden-Württemberg in Germany; famous for its nightlife, sauerkraut, and spätzle; usually used among Baden-Württemberger dialects and other southern German dialects
Ich war in Stuggi." = "I was in Stuggi (Stuttgart).
by Ligeia June 22, 2011
German word for snack stands in Germany, often found in open-air markets and fairs
<Es gibt viele Fressbuden hier.> = <There are lots of snack stands here.>
by Ligeia June 24, 2011
slang version of "haben" in German, meaning "have", "to have", or "having"; actual spoken versions of "haben" can be heard as "ham", "ham'n", "hab'n" depending on the region and dialect
Wir ham's gemacht." = "We did it.
by Ligeia June 22, 2011

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