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The original expression, "turned out" meant this: having become addicted to a sex act (even normal sexual intercourse), generally by ONE person. A practiced pimp (or, for that matter, a madam) will "turn out" a new prostitute by virtually addicting her to even normal sexual intercourse.

A woman can "turn out" a man if she is particularly gifted in love-making (knows ALL the tricks, and has sufficient time to work them into the man's system). It's all recorded in the skin and the organs. Remember: it's about ADDICTION.

Deviant acts can also cause the addiction. This is why socialists say that child molesters never get that out of their system.
That bitch done fucked Leroy up, man! He's turned out! He can't even LOOK at another bitch now! That bitch got his MIND, man! I TOLD his ass to stay away from that ghetto hoochie. The bitch fucked the SHIT out of him. She's a PRO!!
by Lifeguard July 10, 2008

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