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Like pretty - Pleasing to the eye.
Used in parts of the United Kingdom, Scotland, the North East of England and possibly other areas too. (Not sure about outside the UK.)
Person 1 : Everyone thinks you have a bonny girlfriend.
Person 2 : Yeah, she's a keeper.
by LifeOfSin105 March 23, 2007
Under the label Strange Music, Kabosh is a joint effort by rappers Tech N9ne and Kaliko who aim to venture into the rock world.

On the collector's edition of Everready by Tech N9ne, buyers get a sample of Kabosh with the track "Little Pills".
Person 1 : I heard Tech is starting some rock shit?
Person 2 : Yeah, him and Kaliko starting up Kabosh.
by LifeOfSin105 March 23, 2007
South Shields is a coastal town in Tyne and Wear, England, on the south bank of the mouth of the River Tyne, with a population of about 90,000. It is part of the metropolitan borough of South Tyneside.
Person 1 : I go to South Shields beach all the time.
Person 2 : I prefer going into the town.
by LifeOfSin105 March 23, 2007
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