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-Short for Break Dancing
Did you so them breaking? Those air-flares were immaculate.
#breakdance #break dancer #break #breaking #b-boy
by Life's Easy January 16, 2009
A selfish person who bleeds the pimp juice out of an unsuspecting person.

One who smothers another and becomes insistently demanding of another persons qualities, good nature or material wealth for their own lack-there-of or personal shortcomings.
Gold digger literally and metaphorically who'll bleed someone dry if they let the pimp juicer into their circle of trust.
#pimp #pimp juice #hater #gold digger #ho #bitch nigga #simp
by Life's Easy January 12, 2009
Dominant and intelligent.

One who understands social, sexual and psychological dynamic of human beings well enough to impose their will upon anyone without a pimp perspective.

To be of the state of understanding a subject or numerous subjects so completely that a novice to said subject(s) cannot comprehend the distant echelon of calculated will.

A pimp serves many roles in the pimp-ho relationship.

Pimping is a full time job.

The skill set required for pimping is beyond the range of what the greater majority of people are capable of.

Pimps are often misunderstood by ignorant on-lookers to be the exploiter of women. When infact the opposite is true: A pimp will give a female everything she needs (except payment for pimp services) which is required for pimp-ho relationship.

- This statement may confuse and befuddle some people. Those who have not studied the pimp nature know not the depth of the give and take relationship between a pimp and his hoes.

True pimps don't lie to hoes.
Pimping isn't easy. They earn their money.
#pimp #pimp-ho #pimp love #pimpish #pimpin
by Life's Easy January 12, 2009
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