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Originally referring to the lawmaking body of the former Soviet Union, politburo has come to mean any group that considers itself "above" all others, especially social circles consisting primarily of caucasian upper-middle-class suburbians and others
"The local politburo is snobbier than ever; they won't associate with anyone living in even a slightly homely area of town."
by Lieutenant Kije March 26, 2010
The intense numb, compressed feeling one gets during an extremely long car ride with no stops-- akin to one's foot or leg falling asleep, except in the gluteus maximus. Can be cured by getting out of the vehicle and walking around and stretching. Origin: misspelling of Box Butte County, Nebraska
Everyone had a severe case of box butt when stepping out of the car in Montana: the last stop had been in Minnesota.
by Lieutenant Kije March 26, 2010

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