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Well known as the name of a Soviet-era Russian machine gun, a cocktail drank in many former Soviet countries such as Lithuania and Russia is named it after it.
To make the cocktail:
1. Fill a shot glass 3/4 full of vodka
2. Cut a lemon slice so that you may rest it on top of the shot glass covering half of the opening.
3. Put sugar (and cinnamon if you wish for more flavor, but the cinnamon is not necessary) on top of the lemon slice.
4. Fill the rest of the shot glass with absinthe, pouring it so that it passes over the lemon slice.
5. Light the lemon slice on fire.
6. After the slice has burned out, take the shot and eat the lemon.

Voila, a Kalashnikov.
Example 1:
Soviet guard: I will shoot you with my Kalashnikov!

Example 2:
Lithuanian man: Bartender! One Kalashnikov, please!
Bartender: Ah, making me do some work, he he. Coming right up.
#cocktail #lithuania #russia #alcohol #gun
by Lietuviu Kurvis February 16, 2010
A really disgusting tasting cocktail that is strong enough to revive a corpse.

3/4 ounce gin.
3/4 ounce Cointreau.
3/4 ounce Lillet blanc.
3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice.
2 dashes absinthe
Person 1: Ugh, I just wanna forget everything.
Person 2: One Corpse Reviver 2 coming right up, broski...
#absinthe #alcohol #cocktail #drunk #death
by Lietuviu Kurvis January 19, 2010
Used by a lot of people to mean a woman (shortening of "on the rag"). Also can be used to refer to an Arabic person (shortening of "raghead").

Either way, it's offensive, so watch your mouth (or don't).
1. Person 1: Your phone's ringing, bro.
Person 2: Ugh, it's my rag calling, she's been bitchin' all day, I'm sick of her.

2. Person 1: Look at that rag over there.
Person 2: Ugh, probably a terrorist. I wish those rags would all go back to Alquaidastan or wherever they're from.
#raghead #arab #woman #bitch #slur
by Lietuviu Kurvis February 04, 2010
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