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3 definitions by Lichterit

Derived from a Simpsons episode that aired in the mid-1990s which made reference to a future food known as Glexnor, the Glexy (TM) is the prestigious award handed out at the annual Glexnor Awards (TM) for achievement in classic television.
"Vic Tayback won the 2005 Glexy (TM) for Best Gruff-But-Lovable Character for his portray of cook/diner owner Mel Sharpels in Alice."
by Lichterit May 10, 2006
The moment in a movie where the title of the movie is stated by a character. If a movie's title is mentioned more than one time, the value of the Lichty Moment is diminished.
In the movie Midnight Run, Joe Pantoleone's character says to Robert DeNiro: "It's an easy gig, its a Midnight Run for C***t's sake." This is the Lichty moment in the movie.
by Lichterit May 29, 2006
The passing of a famous classic tv or character movie actor. A Glexloss is rated on a level of 1 to 10 with a 10 being the worst (i.e., the passing of an actor with the greatest impact/highest profile in the world of classic television or movies).
Bob Denver's (Gilligan on Gilligan's Island) death was a Glexloss Level 10. Whitman Mayo's death (Grady on Sanford & Son) was a Glexloss level 7.
by Lichterit May 29, 2006