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Colloquial slang for:

1)a retail outlet of the fast food corporation McDonalds.

2) a meal or product purchased from Mcdonalds.

1) "Im really hungry" "Okay, lets go to Mackie Ds

2)"Hey, why didnt you eat your lunch?" "Oh, I had Mackie Ds"
1) verb. to cover onesself with soap in an alarmingly sexy manner.

2) verb. to begin the process of getting very drunk, traditionaly at a pub or other favoured establishment.

1) "Dude, check out Ella Janes on webcam, shes getting lathered up and its proper hot!"

2) "Man, this band are going to be lame, we should totally get lathered up down the Old Goalhouse"
A phrase used to imply a persons suprise at the realisation of an event that is unexpected or enjoyed.

First coined by Pete Doherty, most notably in his emotional on-stage reunion with Carl Barât during his 2007 show "An Evening with Pete Doherty" - such was Doherty's suprise at seeing Barât on stage, he exclaimed, "Stone Me!"

--> "James, i think Ellas got a new boyfriend" "Stone Me!"

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