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2 definitions by Liberal Wacko

1) What I got after I got done slamming Paris Hilton.
2) What really makes Dove's cry.
<Paris> Don't tell your girlfreind we slept together.
<Me> What do you mean don't tell my girlfriend I cheated on her?
<Me> She'll find out when I give her Gonorrea!
<Paris> That's hot!

2) Boy George really made dove's cry... Giving them all those sex diseases...
by Liberal Wacko April 29, 2006
13 12
1) The act of which one has unwilling sexual relations with a rat, mouse or any small rodent.
2) Any person that votes Pro-Republican.
1) Chris Berman is pretty fucked up, I saw him going to town on a couple of rats on national telivison. Man he's a rat molestor.
2) The second person that Bill cheated on Hiliary with, George Bush!
by Liberal Wacko April 29, 2006
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