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3 definitions by Liam Thomas

Any group or number of douche-bags that are college drop-out losers.
Hey! Did you see those gooners act like they were cool? Hey it was really cool when they dropped out of community college.
by Liam Thomas May 04, 2007
A Curse word expressing the Lord's name in vain that progressively has replaced the phrase, "God Damn't".
We were robbed? Jesus Damn't!
by Liam Thomas June 09, 2007
a Caucasion, Christian, Conservative. CCC's are the majority of the Republican party. In most occasion's, CCC's are anti-gay, pro-war, and want to instill Christianity into government. CCC's are what gives America its stereotypical image.
Those dirty CCC's are base of our corrupt conservative government!
by Liam Thomas June 06, 2007