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a slang form of the word "yes"
"Do you want to go to the mall", said Tom. "Yizzer", said Liam.
by Liam Sherman May 17, 2005
another word for "gun" or "firearm"
An insert from "Trapped In the Closet" by R.Kelly.

"Checks under the bed (bed)
then under the dresser (dresser)
He looks at the closet (closet)
I pull out my berretta (berretta)
He walks up to the closet (closet)
He’s close up to the closet (closet)
Now he’s at the closet (closet)
Now he’s opening the closet (closet, closet, closet)

“I met this girl at the bodja club and she told me she didn’t have a man”
Then he said “man please I'd kill you if you didn’t have that gun in your hand”
by Liam Sherman July 09, 2005
A word that takes the place of the word "shit".
Old way: 'Oh shit, i dropped my phone" said Daniel

New way: 'Oh shizlenits, i dropped my cellular device' said Liam
by Liam Sherman May 20, 2005
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