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One of the most useful phrases ever coined translated into German.
"Stop! Hammertime!"

in the fathertongue:
"Halt! Hammerzeit!"
by Liam Maloney November 13, 2007
Possibly the oddest simpsons character ever. His sole purpose in life seems to be dancing for "nickles"(thats 5 cents for all the none american people) whilst playing an accordian.
He has been known to dance for up 25 cents/a quarter (clever these yanks eh?) and this, according to our only source, means he will dance for hours (at least 2).
Pete's place of work is the Sea Captain's store (or shop, for the none americans again) on Springfield Harbour.
Arrr! Thats handsome pete! He dances for nickles!

or in extremis

Arr! A quarter! He'll be dancing for hours!
by Liam Maloney June 08, 2007
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