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A Theodora is everything good rolled into one.

She's a natural leader, but a fair one, too. She's a complete genius, but not at all stuck-up. She's so beautiful (especially her legs), so much so that she could even be a model.

She might not always show her love, but it's there and she'll suprise you every now-and-then, showing that she really listens and cares.

And she's the best sister, friend, daughter, mother, or any relation that you'll ever have.
"Wait... isn't she on our netball team as well?"
"And in the public speaking team."
"Don't forget rowing!"
"And debating."
"Oh, and dance!"
"Plus fencing."
"And she STILL manages to get Dux of the Year?"
"Is there ANYTHING she can't do?!"
"She's a real Theodora, all right."
by Lia.Masen January 07, 2012
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