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What happens usually to a teenage boy, could be during pubity...but it is very humours to people around. It is when a young male will say -usual in one syllabol of a word and his voice changes into a high pitch in that part of his sentence, when this happens other onlookers r forced to yell out and embarrass the boy by screaming "TESTIE POP". OR as a cover up the boy will say "TESTIE POP!" to himself, so he isnt as embarrassed by everyone else letting other no what has just happened
First boy- "hey guys wats hapPEning"
Onlookers- "TESTIE POP!"


unsuspecting adolescent- "and then i went up to the guy and i smAShed em"..."AWW shit TESTIE POP!"
by LiL AsH April 01, 2005
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