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To lose all your hopes and dreams to marrige and children.
It was too bad what happened to Tony. He got totally David Quakenbushed.

Jimmy has some really nice children. Its just too bad he had to get David Quakenbushed to get them.

Me and my friend were going to move to Portland, but somebody David Quakenbushed him.
by Li Fung Chang October 19, 2010
A pancake eatin' ass motha fucka.
Me and my friend went to the IHOP for some pancakes, but some Liborio beat us to it.

We better get some of these pancakes with the quickness before Liborio gets here.

I went to the grocery store for some pancake mix. But the shelve was empty, and there was a sign that said "Liborio was here"
by Li Fung Chang April 22, 2010

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