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the very best person you'll ever meet. she is purely the definition of love. she is your definition of love. when you see her all you want to do is hug her and never let go. she may seem like she wears her heart on her selves but really she has so many layers that it seems she'll never stop surprising you. you are absolutely crazy if you dont love your Curby W. with all your heart. she is kind, loving, caring, compassionate, creative, artistic, funny, has the best laugh, clumsy, gorgeous beyond belief, makes her own theme music, and will rock your world. turn everything you once thought was good into seeming so average that it just couldn't be true. you love her more than you could ever describe in this paragraph.
i saw Curby walking in the hall and i was so proud to say "see her, she's my best friend"
by LforLurby January 09, 2011

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