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1 definition by Lezboss

The cutest and youngest of all the *Uffys. This *Uffy is very affectionate. She will be the one most likely to buy you a drink when you're short on cash, but this does have a downfall. Luffy does have alterior motives. She is very convincing in her ways. She will be the first *Uffy to get you drunk and possibly cause you to throw up. Beware of the "fook me" eyes.
Not So Attractive Guy: "That girl over there wants me to go talk to her."
Friend: "Oh yeah, she's staring at you with those sexy eyes"
Not So Attractive Guy: "I'm gonna go talk to her. Be right back."
Not So Attractive Guy: "Hi. I just noticed you checking me out from across the room."
Luffy: "Damnit. Sorry about that. I was just trying to read your shirt."

"I went out with Loveable Luffy last night."
"Let me guess...you puked?"
"That's the Loveable Luffy way!"
by Lezboss June 23, 2008