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The spiritual equivalent of the city bus that comes through hospitals and picks up the terminally ill usually during the night. When it is said that the patient has his metrocard (ticket) ready, it means he's knocking on heavens door.
Mr. Leff is looking like hell, I bet the Jesus Bus is gonna come around for him soon.
by Leysie January 14, 2008
a turdlet, (small piece of shit) derived from the Spanish slang word mojon, meaning a piece of shit.

Mira, what's the matter con yuca? How you eating those raisinettes when they look like mojoncitos.
by Leysie January 14, 2008
a well formed muffin shaped turd.
Honey, I left you a fresh bowl muffin in the toilet.
by Leysie December 11, 2007
a piece of dry snot that is visible to everyone except the owner. similar to a cornflake, but not as slim and streamlined
I just blew my nose, do I have any croutons? No dude, not even a cornflake.
by Leysie December 27, 2007
a dried snot wisp that resembles a flake of breakfast cereal, not quite as bulky as a crouton.
hey girl, wanna kleenex, you need to send that cornflake back to kellogg's.
by Leysie December 27, 2007
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