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I grew up in Perth, Western Australia but moved to Adelaide when I was six. The first thing I noticed about Adelaide was the low, small fences. Theres no privacy. But I like it. One one side of Adelaide you have the hills and on the other the beach. The school I went to had a huge population of wogs and asians. The percentage of australians was around 13%. Its is the city of churches. Everywhere you turn there are churches. But no one I know goes to church. Adelaide is small and quiet in the suburbs but in the city in peak traffic it is busy. If you try to take public transport chances are you have to stand up.

Adelaide is very multi-cultural. It is a city of many religions. It has many significant historic statues and monuments. The three balls stacked in rundle mall, the pigs eating from the bins and the statue of Colonel William Light for example

It has its drug dealers as any city does in the world but the general croydon areas are the most popular for drug dealers to sell and buy drugs along South Road.

Adelaide is well known for its wine. If you travel up into the hills or go to victor harbour you will see many vineyards and wineries along the way.
haha look at the three balls. get it? three balls?

adelaide is dope.
by Lexia January 01, 2007
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