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Totally awesome; bitchin'
That's totally CHOOPY, yo!
#awesome #amazing #bitchin' #great #the best thing ever
by LexQueenOfTheWorld November 10, 2010
The past tense of the verb to 'ke$hafy' meaning to make something alike or pertaining to Ke$ha that otherwise would have no connection to Ke$ha.
Girl: Dude, I totally just Ke$hafied my cat! She is COVERED in glitter!
Guy: Aw, Man! That sounds awesome. I wanna Ke$hafy my dog!!!
#ke$ha #kesha #made to be like ke$ha #relevant to ke$ha #keshafy
by LexQueenOfTheWorld February 01, 2011
Greenwich, Connecticut is one of the wealthiest towns in America. A large portion of the people there are white and a vast majority have too much money. There's a serious drug culture resulting from bored teenagers having excess cash and a sufficient parent population which works too often to keep a close eye on things. Hopefully, though, you readers know that most of what's posted on here is exaggerated. It's true that plenty of people have abominably large houses, fancy cars, and employees to help around the house, but no one that I knew in the 17 years I lived there ate anything dipped in edible gold, and no one had a helicopter, though one girl in my grade's dad used his company helicopter regularly. The point of this is that yes, the town is absurd and the people there often have no concept of reality, the value of a dollar, or what life is like outside of Greenwich, the posh parts of New York and their beautiful, luxurious vacation destinations, it's not completely like that. I hated growing up there, because most people were lacking in original thought, style, etc but there are some really cool people, so if you ever come across someone from Greenwich, don't write them off immediately. Plenty of people worked really hard to be able to live there so their kids could go to Greenwich High School, since it's a pretty good school.
The town of Greenwich is infamous for its insane concentration of wealth, causing its entire population to get a bad reputation, though 5-10% of its inhabitants are decent.
#greenwich #old greenwich #riverside #backcountry greenwich #greenwich ct #fairfield county
by LexQueenOfTheWorld September 22, 2014
This symbol is a sarc mark, which is used to convey sarcasm when communicating via internet, text, IM, etc.
The entirety of the sarcastic statement should be encompassed by the sarc mark.
Girl: ~George W. Bush was the greatest president that the United States of America has ever had!~
Guy: ~Totally~
#sarcasm #sarc mark #sincerity #internet #helpful
by LexQueenOfTheWorld May 17, 2011
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