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2 definitions by Lewsky

A 'fraper' is a word commonly used to described a facebook rapist. the fraper will attack your facebook when you leave it logged on to go to the toilet or shops.
also known as frapist, A Gaz Eastwood or Face-rapist.
example - 'GOD DAMMIT!! i leave my facebook on for two minutes while i leave the room and you facebook rape me. Your sch a FRAPER!!!'
by lewsky May 17, 2010
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Subbuteo, a term used to describe that you fingered a girl in a recent fling or with the mrs.

(Not to be mixed with the table top game in which you flick miniture players around a miniture football pitch, hense the reference to fingering a girl)
Johnson - 'hey man, i had a quality game of subbuteo last night with my bird'

Gerry - 'seriously!? she's into to subbuteo, i used to love playing that when i was younger with the little figures.'

Johnson - 'no you tit, subbuteo as in i gave a good fingerblasting'

Gerry - 'ahh shit, no i get you, nice work!'
by Lewsky April 03, 2011
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