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Alternative to the outdated term "Hands down" to convey a statement with absolute conviciton and certainty. "Pantsdown" was originally coined by centaurs in Middle Earth due to their physical inability to wear pants despite the group's strong desires to do so.
Pantsdown, Khloe is the ugliest Kardashian.
by Lewis2012 October 11, 2013
A brodiguard is a good friend who doubles as a grenade shield. Brodiguards typically move in large packs, loiter around fitness facilities and consume protein shakes and steroids exclusively. Brodiguards will fend off unsightly women to protect their bros at any cost; even if it could be detrimental to their own health and well-being. True brodiguards know a wide variety of efficient "bro-guarding" techniques that allow bros to escape the promiximity of unattrative women in a quick, efficient manner. The brosdiguard slogan is "Bros 4 Eva- Fugly hoes for Neva- Bretherens"
Dude, you're the best brodiguard ever... don't know how I wouldda have gotten rid of that toothless whale without you.
by Lewis2012 October 21, 2013
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