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1) an expression of contempt, disinterest, or boredom, often used in the phrase "Well la dee da" as a sarcastic "now isn't that amazing" or "good for you"

2) a phrase for singing, humming, mumbling etc. to show joyful innocence
1) Bob: You know what? I learned that the sky is blue today!
Bill: Well la dee da.

2) The little girl skipped along singing "La dee da, what a wonderful day!", until she was unfortunately run over by a garbage truck.
#interest #dum de dum #la la la la la #gloom #la de da
by Lewis Viking December 20, 2005
A cat in a jester hat smoking a pipe and wearing 3D glasses. Also referred to as "that cat".
Though rarely found in big internet forums, fiesta cat is commonly seen in UTSNet, and is often accompanied by phrases such as fyad, zany, 5ive, and top post.
Whence the cat came from is unknown.
From: Eric
To: Animation
Sci Club
Eternal Steakhouse
GaGa Club
Thunder Pirates, "Arg!"
Mystery Earth Club Speaker
Chess Club
Subject: A little off topic...
fiesta cat!
#that cat #party cat #hay guys #top post #5ive
by Lewis Viking December 20, 2005
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