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6 definitions by Lewis Palmer

Smadger.Noun.Is it a smudge?is it a badger? no, of course not. Its a smadger.
Guy 1): Dude! Look at that smudge!
Guy 2): No way man! Thats so a badger!
Guy 3): Erm, i think you're both mistaken. I do belive that that's a smadger.
Guy(s) 1+2): You have to be different don't you.
by Lewis Palmer August 17, 2006
The art of bashing a Billy. Extensive terminology for those who bash Billy(s).A Billy can be a goat, tree-stump or even just some-one called Billy.
Hey man, stop bashing my Billy! You Billy-basher
by Lewis Palmer August 17, 2006
Does it really need a definition? u get everything about it from its name. Its a bean. Made of blubber. A blubber-bean. God knows what genious made that up. Usually feasted on by mr and mrs walrous and other such blubbery-sea mammals. If implanted into an animals left eye.A blubber-tree will grow. many blubber-pods grow on these trees, these then magicaly turn into cacti and then dissolve. The matter left from this is a blubber bean. The whole cycle then starts again. Of course, if there is a nearby eye.
Hey, i grew a blubber tree today!
Oh cool! what flavour?
Blubber you idiot!
Find a nice eye for it?
Yeah its ok i guess.I named my tree Janice you know.
My, what a pretty name! What about the blubber-bean?
by Lewis Palmer August 20, 2006
Geflunk.Ajective.Meaning slow, slowth-like and/or generally irritating.
You are such a geflunk
by Lewis Palmer August 16, 2006
The art of bashing a Billy. Terminology used by those who bash Billys. A Billy can be a goat, a liqourice flavoured tree-stump or just someone named Billy.
Hey man, stop bashing my Billy! You Billy-basher!
by Lewis Palmer August 17, 2006
A very special kind of dome. Nobody knows what is inside. Is there a hinky inside? or is it made of hinky! does hinky exist? hm... HINKYDOMEj

The magic of hinkydome.
by Lewis Palmer December 31, 2007