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A hot Asian girl.
I think i see some prime.
(hot asian girls walk past)
Definite Tai potential.
by Lewis McCruden July 10, 2008
Basically the same as assbandit but also suggests the person might have a big mustache and a sombrero. Also insinuates that they might be poor as well as gay. Like the mexican banditos of old.
(your being relentlessly pestered by a friend)
you: Fuck off you assbandito!

friend: Oh no ! Now everyone knows im gay and poor!
by Lewis McCruden July 10, 2008
Someone who is acting like a fanny or a retard and deserves to be verbally abused or a greeting used between close friends.
"What are ya doing ya absolute baw jaw!"

"Oright there baw jaw."
by Lewis McCruden October 25, 2007

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