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A term used to describe an area where violence is common.
I want to shit in a bloodhouse.
by Lewis J D December 28, 2007
A violent "sport" taken up by drunk (ocasionally high) men. The Homosexual population of a certain area may be found and verbally abused, in some cases it has be known that "puffs" have been assaulted physically.
That band of men just went Puff bashing
by Lewis J D December 28, 2007
A cockberg is a rather large however lumpy penis. it takes a blocked shape and has a small bulge at the top of the penis. While in the bath the upper part of the penis looks like an iceberg, hence the term cockberg.
Oh no we're about to crash into that cockberg
by Lewis J D March 24, 2008
Lips on a person which appear to offend others. This often refers to crossdressers or transvestites and transexuals
Have you seen that wankers lips lately? He's a right bastardlips
by Lewis J D December 28, 2007
An allteration to the term wankarse, just your average wankarse who lacks knowledge of themselves being such a wankarse.
David, fuck off being such a wankarse bastard!
by Lewis J D December 28, 2007
A ragarse is one whom pushes so hard during the act of shitting, that there insides bulge out words. This gives the appearance of a rag hanging out the arse.
That there is one sexy ragarse.
by Lewis J D December 28, 2007
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