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The cleansing act of passing a bar of soap between the butt cheeks while taking a shower.
Roy: "Can I borrow your soap?"

Alfred: "Yeah, go ahead. But no credit card swipes!"
by Lewis Ebersole January 31, 2008
Any fashion, decor, restaurant, hotel, publication, cocktail, etc. displayed by a straight man and deemed worthy enough to be approved by the highly discerning tastes of a gay man.
Strait Lewis: "Welcome. Come on in. Can I make you Grey Goose Cosmo?"

Gay Rob: "Of course! Do you even have to ask? Oh my God, your home is absolutely fabulous!"

Straight Lewis: "Yes, I would say that I have a seamlessly blended eclectic mix of pieces ranging from the neoclassical era to the mid-century aesthetic."

Gay Rob: "Well, it is definitely gay worthy!"
by Lewis Ebersole January 29, 2008
A sushi hand roll comprised of seaweed paper, tuna, crab meat, and avocado, but NO RICE! Make sure the sushi chef stuffs it big and fat and rolls it tight like a blunt.

I developed this while I was on the Adkins diet. I called it the Compton Roll to give it some street cred.

Yes dawg, Compton Cali, think N.W.A., Easy E and Ice Cube. That right!
(to sushi chef) Mmmmmm Yes, My bitch will have a California Roll, a Spider Roll, and a Rainbow Roll. You can hit me wit a few Compton Rolls so I can stay lean as well as mean. Start steppin' sushi boy!
by Lewis Ebersole January 28, 2008
A cocktail composed of Red Bull, Vodka (preferably cheap), and Cranberry Juice.
Yo, bar ho, hook me up with two kfeds and a white wine spritzer, dawg!
by Lewis Ebersole January 27, 2008
GBS - Greasy Butthole Syndrome. A temporary medical condition that occurs when no amount of wiping can thoroughly eliminate the fecal remnants, thus lining the ass cheeks with a greasy or oily film.

GBS is most often caused when ingesting oily or greasy foods, such as pasta or cheeseburgers.

Sufferers often find themselves escaping to the bathroom intermittently throughout the day to take auxiliary wipes in an effort to find relief. Many report that the portion of undergarment that has cinched up between their cheeks has been coated with an unfortunate and yellowish smear.

GBS is easily cured by taking a warm shower and scrubbing the ass cheeks with a loofah and a liquid soap that has been fortified with exfoliating beads.

Those afflicted with GBS can also suffer from GBS Guilt. GBS often causes a tickle in the anus that is only remedied by a hearty finger scratch. One is often drawn to sniff their own finger in an effort to check for consistancy and aroma. This action often leads to temporary feelings of loathing, disgust, and self hatred.
After dining on a Diaper Burger and Chili Cheese Fries at the Tommy's Burgers in Long Beach, Tyrone suffered from a bad case of GBS.
by Lewis Ebersole January 29, 2008

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