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3 definitions by LewManchu

The alternative to oyster cards. Can be adapted using marker pen. Put an L at the front of oyster then turn the Y into a B. Because lobsters are way more tough than oysters.
"Can you please top up my lobster card"
"Yes, lobster you cocktease"
by LewManchu August 10, 2006
14 4
People who cause extreme misery or scourge to your life can be identified as scourgeons.
"hey look at that terrorist, he's such a scourgeon"
by LewManchu August 16, 2006
7 0
A derogatory term to any male friend. They have caused such a heinous outrage that they are deemed to be the gayest person in the room. Someone so gay they are literally trying to tease some cock right then and there.
"You just spilt red wine on my new kicks, you are such a cocktease."
by LewManchu August 10, 2006
14 57