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4 definitions by Lew Mills

A husband dragged to the mall to carry the shopping bags, while his wife depletes yet another credit card.
Becky is off to Nordstroms again, and I'm obliged to come along as her shopping sherpa.
by Lew Mills September 13, 2007
The disturbing feeling of disorientation you have when you move between worlds of people that "get it" and those who think pretty much the same way they did 20 years ago.
The mother was dizzy and nauseated with "get lag" when her son's doctor told her that maybe her son's ADHD problems were just from watching too much TV.
by Lew Mills September 13, 2007
"Tactile-location" strategy for determining the position of heavy furniture, barefoot, in the dark.
Sure we've saved electricity since Becky decided that the night-light was too expensive to run all the time. But the damage to my toenar units, pinging the TV stand every night, may not be worth it in the long run.
by Lew Mills October 17, 2007
When you take the citizens of your country and exploit them as a resource -- milk them, slaughter them, and consume them.
Republican budget proposals epitomize the philosophy of Citizen Husbandry, minimizing the cost of ranching a population of oblivious citizens to pull the carts of profits for the super-rich.
by Lew Mills April 06, 2011