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any bodybuilder who is female

Some think they are some goddamn sirens - sure if mangy dogs are sexy as hell. They think most men are "threatened" by them while only real men admit it. Well, if the meaning of "real" is spineless subs then it is true. Throughout ages, men brought down elephants to tigers and they are "threatened" by these sorry trash? Dream on...

The pumped up crap they show do not come naturally to women - they have to be under supplements for that, not that men themselves don't use it. But what comes naturally to men can only come to women via supplements. They try to say they are some superior species of women who are easily better than most men - FAIL.

A female bodybuilder is stronger than many men but if she has to prove herself, she must face her equivalent - a male bodybuilder - and not other men. The best female bodybuilder may be better than many men, may stand up to the average male bodybuilders but can never match the "best male bodybuilder". Similarly the best female jumper or female runner can never outrank the best male jumper or runner. Likewise, the strongest male may match some gorillas but can never outmatch the strongest male gorillas and the cycle goes on...... This is the truth and learn to accept it, if you still wish to delude yourself - go read the other definition.
Female Bodybuilder: Hey punk, I am stronger than you - don't mess with me.
Punk: Yeah whatever, fuck off
by Leveller February 18, 2013
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