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Having already consumed a food item or meal.
Joe: Hey, Jim, we're going to Taco Bell, do you want to join?
Jim: Nah, man. Ideate.
#ate #food #ebonics #business #lingo
by LevG January 12, 2009
Midtown Event Dweller; Tourists who come to Midtown, Atlanta for big events in Piedmont Park. They can be easily spotted by their cooler in tow, collapsable chair slung over their shoulder, and a boot on their car from parking where they shouldn't.

Much like Manhattan's Bridge and Tunnel crowd, MEDs cause congestion on Midtown's streets and sidewalks. They flock from suburbs outside of Midtown, but not necessarily OTP.
Hey, you wanna go over to Trader Joes?
Nah, Screen on the Green is tonight. We'll never get through all those MEDs.
#atl #atlanta #b&t #otp #meds
by LevG June 02, 2007
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