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almost brainless humans who wander about cities, stepping into traffic, standing on the white center lines as cars zip by. Also move aimlessly on sidewalks, often blocking or forcing those actually going somewhere with a purpose to go around them. Similarly to the cows that reputedly wander the streets of large cities in India more or less as they please.
The traffic lights had a count-down to when the pedestrian crossing would commence, but the urban cattle were already off the curb at minus 10 seconds, targets for any fast traffic running the crosswalk on yellow.
by Lettlander July 22, 2011
deranged, bizarre, loonie. Combines wacko and batshit.
I am sure the Latvian government will come up with some wackbat scheme on that issue,
by Lettlander March 25, 2008
A hypothetical third-world, Muslim country. Derived from bog (British for toilet), wog (offensive term for third world person, derived from "worthy oriental gentleman") and -stan from the various -stans that are, well, Bogwogistans.
The next time we trace a terrorist outrage to some Bogwogistan, we should just nuke the fuckers.
by Lettlander October 12, 2006

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