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1 When your giving an amazing oral sex session or blow job and the guy is so turned on he brings you to his place where you proceed to enjoy penis or pussy sucking.

2 When you suck on a suck nut sack instead of his main attraction.

3 When, during oral sex, the guy starts moaning and trying to hump your face.
I had such an amazing anacranihas from this girl last night!

wow! lucky! I haven't had one for months!
by Letsrosco! July 18, 2009
love means never having to say your sorry

love cannot be fully described in any amount of words.

love doesnt judge. love isnt boastful. love isnt rude. love doesnt hurt. love releases you. love is loud and reckless. love is creative. love is funny. love is serious. love is perfect.
I love you so much.

I love you more. You'r so perfect
by Letsrosco! July 18, 2009
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