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3 definitions by Leto

Character in the sci-fi novel series Dune. Leto was a child with extraordinary ability and the memory and thoughts of all his past ancestors. Leto took it upon himself to be transformed into a giant wormlike creature to better the galaxy. He later became known as the God Emperor. The termed "Leto" may be applied to anyone who sacrifices themselves or something for the benefit of everyone else.
1. Leto is the God Emporer of Dune.
by Leto November 10, 2003
37 8
1.A person that is unwilling to except parkour or freerunning as equals and show hatred or disfavor toward the one he/she does not prefer.
1.John is such a movement sectarian, he get mad every time he watches a video labeled parkour that has free-running in it.
2.Linda only watches freerunning videos, she's such a movement sectarian.
by leto December 14, 2012
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Luke, is all purple light and crappy so he steals images!! hes all lukey
purple light is a tit
by Leto January 17, 2005
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