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Where a man just rubs his cock along the outside of a hairy woman's fanny without penetrating
It's my period at the moment just go for sausage in the grass tonight
by Lesstatt June 02, 2013
When an older lady clearly divorced goes to drink dance and seek out a young stud for the night in a predatory manor.
Felicity are you coming out tonight to fishing for sausage, they have a live band on
by Lesstatt June 16, 2013
The term for when a man is about to ejaculate, can be used in the following phrases, my sausage has exploded, my sausage is going to explode, it has exploded, therefore covering a young lady in jizz
Oh my god you'd are so sexy my sausage is going to explode all lo ver you
by Lesstatt June 30, 2013

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