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2 definitions by Leslieeee

A form of sincerity that holds nothing back. Completely and totally honest. Every aspect is real.
jack: That band has long island sincerity.
sally: Yeah, they remind me of Brand New.
by Leslieeee February 10, 2008
9 7
Someone who has confidence but only when they're using a electronic device like AIM, text messaging, etc.

They will be sugestive and bold when they have time to think of answers on AIM but once you get face to face they're not even 1/10 as clever or fun.

aka the downfall of meeting someone online.
Sally: I met this awesome guy online and we talked for three hours.
Jack: You finally found someone special!
Sally: No, he only had electronic balls.
Jack: damn.
by leslieeee March 09, 2008
3 3