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A drag-queen term for the discount clothing chain Ross Dress For Less, because the clothing runs to the large sizes she-males tend to require.
Honey, I got these great size-eleven shoes at Cross Dress For Less!
by Leslie Doppler Hammond April 17, 2007
Colloquial term for the mobile-phone service provider metroPCS. The "POS" stands for "piece of shit", because of the notoriously poor service and support provided.
My cell phone company is metroPOS. So my calls are always getting dropped, I can't even use my phone outside a certain limited area, and I can't usually get connected to anyone at the so-called customer service line. If I have a real problem I have to go into the office in person. But it's relatively cheap, I don't have to sign any contract, and I get unlimited calling within the contiguous 48 states. Too bad my sister lives in Honolulu, so I have to text her and have her call me back when I want to talk to her.
by Leslie Doppler Hammond June 11, 2008
The office at a college or university maintained by the institution to help students deal with technical problems with their computers.
Annie's Mac wasn't working right when she booted it, so she took it to the geek office and they fixed it for her.
by Leslie Doppler Hammond February 22, 2008
Literally, a pubic wig. But on Usenet and other Net forums, a derisive UK and Commonwealth term for an American, caricaturing the pronunciation of "American" in some US English dialects. Plural sometimes given as "Merkinz".
UK user: "'Zucchini'? You Merkins can't get anything right, it's 'courgettes'."

US user: "Well, if we weren't around, who could you Brits possibly feel superior to?"
by Leslie Doppler Hammond March 18, 2008
According to a pre-WWII German Socialist/Communist political joke, the backside of a proletarian.
Those who boast of being Aryans are often lumpenproletarians.
by Leslie Doppler Hammond December 11, 2007

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